The full IGIUL FIVE!!!!! movie put together

IGIUL FIVE!!!!! is MarioGame2222's first movie. It is about Igiul returning......for the fifth time...(not counting The Return of Igiul and OiramOiram12345 and the Dark Star X).

Episode DescriptionEdit

A description of all the Episodes (*gasp*, you didn't expect me to say that, did you?)

Episode 1Edit

In Episode 1, Igiul mainly talks about bringing back all of the dopplegangers. At the end, he knocks MarioGame2222 unconscious to merge his DNA with darkness.

Episode 2Edit

In Episode 2, MarioGame wakes up and learns that when Igiul merged his DNA with darkness, he became evil and got enslaved to Igiul (which made his name EvilGame2222). Igiul ordered him to do evil things and kill Luigi. Then when MG went off, Igiul created his dopple, EmagOiram2222. At the end of the Episode, FightingMario54321 turns MarioGame back to the good side.

Episode 3Edit

MarioGame, out of his evil state, talks about how he is a mixout of LuigiGame2's DNA, Mario's DNA, and a little bit of Bowser's DNA (which makes him become easier to become evil). The rest of the Episode is LG2, MG2222, FM54321, SpikeSuperEmerald, and a few others discussing how Igiul will revive the other dopplegangers, and then split Star X to bring back the Dark Star X. Then MG, LG2, SSE, Mario and Luigi go off to Igiul's lair.

Episode 4Edit

The first minute or so finally shows EmagOiram2222 (MG's dopple), who commands Igiul to bow before him. Then EO2222 goes to hell, where he gathers a Fire Star to safekeep. The rest of the Episode is everyone finding their way through the maze to Igiul's lair.

Episode 5Edit

Most of the Episode is dedicated to Luigi finding one of his Super Forms, Hyper Luigi (found by when Igiul turned into Hyper Igiul) and HL fighting HI. At the end, Igiul loses and is sent to hell, where EO2222 talks about his plan. However, the plan must have been scrapped, because EmagOiram teams up with 12345NafIgiul (LuigiFan54321's dopple) in the third and final dopple war.