LuigiLuigi573 in the Castle Courtyard

LuigiLuigi573 is as Friend Of MarioGame2222, a member of The Wingers 64, the Co-Leader of Super Mario Rangers, and the Leader of Kiddy Stoppers,Mario Gang He Hates Starman3 and Is The Only Emigasfist Hater To Know People Who Are Not Emigasfist Haters, He Is The Only Character On This Wikia That Begins With L,Luigi,and The Only Emigasfist Hater On This Wikia Too His Friends Are Yayazura7762 and Kiddy Stoppers He Is Awesome He Thinks He's a Youtube Rangers.

Series Featuring LL573Edit

Listed below is all the YouTubers that have LL573 in their videos already.

Name Of YouTuber Name Of Movie

Mario and the Tattslotto

Super Mario 64 Bloopers

Dark Mario's Brother: Revenge

Super Mario 64 Music Videos

The Golden Star

Rise of the Clones

LuigiGame2 EmagIgiul2 and The Shadow Rangers.

The-2Hunters and the Negative Team IV: Lunar's Final Revenge

Musthasto The Return of EmigasFist

Super Mario 64 Bloopers


Into The Fourth Dimension

OiramOiram12345 and The Dark Star X


Super Mario 64 Bloopers

SuperDanielLogan1 Super Mario 64 Bloopers
MarioSuperSoda The Crystal Star

These are the series that LL is due to appear in

Name Of YouTuber Name Of Movie

Super Mario: Blackout

The2Hunters The Dimensional Squad
SuperMarioFan590 Super Mario: Clone Attack

Rise of YouTube


The adventure of DylanDylan54321

Dylan Dylan

Forms and CounterpartsEdit

This is LL573's forms/counterparts


Super Form: LuigiLuigi9000+ (has improved strength, speed, can generate up to 4 clones)

Ultra Form: LuigiMario9317 (faster reflexes than LL9000+, can clone up to 7 times, 10% improved strength from LL9000+)


Star World: StarigiStarigi573

Fourth Dimension (4D): FourigiFourigi474

Doppleganger: IgiulIgiul375 - Possible to appear in 12345NafIgiul and the Element Stars X, if he doesn't, then he was defeated once in the background of OiramOiram12345 and the Dark Star X and a second time in Blooper 40, but was sent to Dimension X.

Ztar World: ZtarulZtarul573 - only if the Ztar World gets confirmed to exist

Meegee: MuigiMuigi573 - LL will take this off if something in MarioMario54321's videos prevents this (SuperMarioBros99thx told LL to make him)


Evil Clone: LuigiLuigi583

Half Clone: LuigiLuigi593

Negative Counterpart: LuigiLuigi-573 (he turned good along with The-2Hunters and some of the other Negativers) - Important to note that he is partly a clone and partly a misc. alternate

Shadoo Clone: LuigiLuigi573 Clone (will likely appear in Super Mario: Clone Attack, since LuigiLuigi573 is most likely coming in)

Miscellaneous AlternatesEdit

Mr. LL (in Super Paper Mario style)

Mr. LL in Super Paper Mario (credit to LuigiFan383 for making this :D)

Brainwashed: Mr. LL, aka the Lime Bolt

Negative Counterpart: LuigiLuigi-573 (he turned good along with The-2Hunters and most of the other Negativers) - Important to note that he is partly a clone and partly a misc. alternate


  • StarLuigi9080
  • AndrewJr2011 (AndrewJr2014)
  • yayazura7762
  • musthasto
  • FastDasher(SM64)
  • MarioWario747 aka Shoop da woop
  • MarioMario7977
  • SpeedyMario7
  • FireMario887
  • DylanDylan54321
  • Umario


  • Idiots
  • People who make series' about dopples without MM54321's permission.
  • Super Emiga


  • SuperEmiga
  • Puser
  • His dopple (details on him can be seen above)
  • All dopples