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MarioMario753 infront of the castle.

Mr. MM

MarioMario753's brainwashed form!

MarioMario753 is one of MarioGame2222's friends. MM753 appeared in many of MarioGame's videos, including The Story Of Starnux.

Roles in MarioGame2222's moviesEdit

Role in Dark TimesEdit

Not much is known about his role yet, however he's one of the few survivors of X's attack on the castle. He is working together with StarLuigi9080, Schm2000 and Cooolboy78 to kill X.

Role in The Sky Of StarnuxEdit

MarioMario753 is one of the 7 main characters in The Story Of Starnux. He gets kidnapped by 2 minions of Doopliss, after they found MarioMario753 spying on them.
Mr. MM and Mr. 2222

The Dynamic Evil Duo: Mr. MM and Mr. 2222!

He is also one of the two people who get brainwashed by Doopliss.

Brainwashed form: Mr. MM

Brainwashed partner: Mr. 2222

Other Brainwashed partner: Mr. M14

Role In Cosmic Crystals:Of The World

MarioMario753 Is Introduced When MarioGame2222,PowerfulStarman,and XxanBuxX10 Needed To Go To The Top Of 4D Tower He Gets a C-Star From Star Climb and Also Meets His Star World Counterpart StarioStario753,and His 4D Counterpart QuarioQuario754,and He Also Meets Quario,and Fourigi,and FourigiFourigi674,He Helps Mario and Friends Defeat Dimentio,He and LuigiLuigi671 Talk About The Events From OiramOiram12345 and The Dark Star X,and Also Talk About The C-Stars and They Turn Into a Mega C-Star and About The Elemention Stars,He Was One Of The Characters Who Was Brainwashed By Dimentio,and Doopliss,and Is Transformed By LuigiLuigi671,SuperMarioGlitchy4,MejiaCantilloGustavo,and FightingMario54321,But He Wasn't Sent To The 4D Game Over Area,He Was Sent To The 4D Tower and Finds LuigiGame2,MarioMario54321,Starman3,MarioFan664,VideoGameGuy101,SuperDanielLogan1,and WiiMario360,and He Also Helps Mario & Gang Kill Purple ???,and The Dark Star X,and X,He Was Also One Of The Characters Who Survived In The Movie.

MarioMario753's MoviesEdit

MarioMario753 has made many movies and machinimas, some of them are:

  • The Legend Of Ralos
  • Mario and the Final Stand
  • Super Mario: Eternal Legacy
  • Super Mario: Invasion