MarioMario761 infront of the castle.

MarioMario761 is a Super Mario 64 Machinimist and one of MarioGame2222's best friends. MarioMario761 is a main character in Dark Times and The Story Of Starnux.

Roles in MarioGame2222's moviesEdit

As a friend of MarioGame, MM761 appears in MG's movies, mostly as a main character

The X VirusEdit

After Mario got infected, MarioMario761 followed him and found the base of their leader. In the end of the movie, he helped MarioMario24680 and MarioGame2222 to defeat X, the creator of the virus. In the end, they won X got sent to hell.

Super Mario: Dark TimesEdit

He started appearing in Episode 7, just before Cool Cool Mountain exploded due to the bomb Pidi74 set there. MarioMario761 stopped Pidi64 from staying on that mountin and saved his life. Both of them escaped with SuperMarioGlitchy4, XboxFan997 and Luigi.

The Story Of StarnuxEdit

MarioMario761 is one of the 7 main characters. He went together with MarioGame2222 and his friends to Planet Starnux to save Starnux and to stop Doopliss. MarioMario761 didn't had a big role in it yet.

Super Mario: Next GenerationEdit

Mario Next Generation is MarioMario761's current machinima. He made 15 episodes so far and improved alot in the series. It is about 2 strange persons coming to the Mushroom Kingdom and spreading a virus which makes you loose control of yourself. This machinima was MarioGame2222's main inspiration for The X Virus and Dark Times.

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