Mariofan14 is an admin of MarioGame2222 Wiki. 

Star World Counterpart: Stariofan14

Fourth Dimension Counterpart: Quariofan14

Doppelganger: NafOiram41
Mariofan14 pic

Mariofan14 on the Castle Grounds

Negativer: Mariofan-14

Evil half: Mariofan13

Brainwashed Alter Ego: Mr. M14

Other forms:

Fire Mariofan14

Ice Mariofan14

Electro Mariofan14

Metal Mariofan14

Invisible Mariofan14

Flying Mariofan14 (With the Wing Cap)

Chaos Mariofan14

Best friendsEdit

  • MarioMario54321

Roles in MarioGame2222's videosEdit

He didn't appeared in any of MarioGame2222's videos yet, however he will appear in Super Mario: Dark Times Episode 8. He'll also appear in The Story Of Starnux later on.

Roles in MarioMario753's Videos:

He appeared in Super Mario: Invasion and The Legend of Ralos

Roles in SuperMarioFan590's Videos:

He appeared in Super Mario: Clone Attack and Bloopers

Roles in Starman3's Videos:

He didn't appear yet, but he will

Dimensional Counterparts:

Stariofan14: Mariofan's SW Counterpart. Probably will appear in a video of MarioGame2222

Quariofan14: Mariofan's 4D Counterpart. Will appear with most of the 4D Counterparts in MarioGame2222's Time 4.