Mr. 2222

Mr. 2222 in The Story of Starnux


Mr. 2222's look in MarioGame2222's Merry Christmas

Mr. MM and Mr. 2222

Mr. MM and Mr. 2222 together outside the Starnuxian Castle

Mr. 2222 is MarioGame2222's brainwashed form. He appeared in MarioGame2222's Merry Christmas! Episodes 5 & 6, as a partner to Mr. B. He also appears in The Story Of Starnux as a partner to Mr. MM, MarioMario753's brainwashed form.

Role In Cosmic Crystals:Of The World

Mr. 2222 Returned In CCOTW Where He Was Brainwashed By Dimentio and Doopliss,and Was Confronting MarioMario753 Along With Mr.M14 and Mr. Lx2 He Battled MarioMario753 So Did Mr. M14 and Mr. Lx2,MM753 Won and He Was Transformed To His Ordinary Form and Helped Mario & Gang To Find The C-Stars and Elemention Stars and The Cosmic Crystal Parts.