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Mr. M14 (Without the mask) In front of the castle

Mr. M14 is Mariofan14's brainwashed form. He was set to be in SuperZeldaAlex987123's movie, Wario Bros DX, but the movie was cancelled.

Mr. M14 is not in any movie,however, MarioGame2222 might put Mr. M14 in a future movie.

Both Quariofan14 and Stariofan14 would go unconscious when Mr. M14 is around. Mariofan13 and NafOiram41 would go unconscious as well.

Fro some reason, Mariofan-14 would not go unconscious when Mr. M14 is around


Mr. 2222 and Mr. MM

Role in Cosmic Crystals:Of The WorldEdit

Mr. M14 Reappears In Cosmic Crystals:Of The World He Was Brainwashed By Dimentio and Doopliss and Was Confronting MarioMario753 Alongside Mr. 2222,and Mr. Lx2,He Was Fought By MM753 and Won He Was Transformed Again.

It Is Unknown If M14 Will Be Brainwashed Again In Part 46 Of The Movie.