Mr. MM

Mr. MM outside the Starnuxian Castle

Mr. MM and Mr. 2222

Mr. MM and Mr. 2222 together outside the Starnuxian Castle

Mr. MM is the brainwashed form of MarioMario753 in The Story Of Starnux. He works as a partner to Mr. 2222, the branwashed form of MarioGame2222

Role In Cosmic Crystals:Of The WorldEdit

MarioMario753 Was Brainwashed By Dimentio and Doopliss He Alongside Mr. B,Mr. M,and Mr Mx2, Mr. Star and Mr. LL Were Beginning To Takeover The 4D Tower Then They Were Defeated By LuigiLuigi671, SMG4, XboxFan997 MejiaCantilloGustavo,and FightingMario54321.After That He Got Turned Back To His Orginary Form and Carried On Joining Mario & Gang To Defeat Dimentio and Purple ???.

He Also Had To Battle Mr. 2222,Mr.M14,and Mr. Lx2 and Won,Then Were Transformed To and Joined.