(Alive) SuperMarioGlitchy3

SMG3 in the castle

Super Mario Dark Times - Episode 8 Preview 1

Super Mario Dark Times - Episode 8 Preview 1

X defeating SuperMarioGlitchy3

(Dead) SuperMarioGlitchy3

SMG3 shortly after being killed by X

SuperMarioGlitchy3 is an evil clone.  He appears in SuperMarioGlitchy4's bloopers, XboxFan997's bloopers, and Super Mario: Dark Times. He seems to be the only clone (aside from MarioGame3333, who survived DT) that isn't killed by his original, as he was killed by X when he learned too much about X's plan. However, the same may apply for the rest of the clones.

SMG4's BloopersEdit

SMG3 appears in SMG4's bloopers, mostly as either the main antagonist or a partner to Bowser. He is almost always humiliated brutally and defeated at the end. Otherwise he's just defeated.

XboxFan997's BloopersEdit

In XboxFan997's Super Mario: Zombie Invasion, SMG3 works as a partner to XboxFan998. More will be revealed when Zombie Invasion progresses.

Cosmic Crystals:Of The WorldEdit

SuperMarioGlitchy3 Appeared Once Again In Cosmic Crystals:Of The World As a Secondary Antagonist He Went To Defeat SuperMarioGlitchy4 In Part 48 Of The Movie He Was Killed By X,and The Purple ???,For Knowing So Much Simillar To Super Mario: Dark Times.