The Story of X is the second episode in Super Mario: Dark Times.


Tuxie wakes Pidi64 up and tells him that he lost to Xboxfan998. Before Pidi leaves, Tuxie says to him "Under big pressure, good achievements will happen." Pidi tries to figure out what it means and asks Toad where MarioGame2222 is. Toad says that he is in Jolly Roger Bay and Pidi heads there.

When Pidi gets there, MarioGame is assaulted by Pidi74 and Fares353. The clones tell Pidi and MarioGame about how they were created. X created SuperMarioGlitchy3 to test his clone star out. He sends it to kill SuperMarioGlitchy4, but he fails. X then creates Xboxfan998 to join the Zombie army and get information out of them. But Xboxfan997 beat the clone and the army, so X decided to clone Pidi64, Fares242, and MarioGame2222. The clones then prepare to battle Pidi and MarioGame.


  • Tuxie
  • Pidi64
  • Toad
  • MarioGame2222
  • Pidi74
  • Fares353
  • X
  • SuperMarioGlitchy3
  • Xboxfan998
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