End of Light is the third episode in Super Mario: Dark Times.


Pidi64 and MarioGame222 battle Pidi74 and Fares353 in Jolly Roger Bay's cavern. Pidi64 successfully beats Pidi74, but MarioGame2222 loses against Fares353. Fares gets MarioGame's DNA and kidnaps him. Pidi64 escapes, and the clones go back to X's lair, or the Lethal Lava Land volcano. The clones put MarioGame in prison and returns his DNA to X. X successfully clones MarioGame, and Pidi makes it to the castle. He tells SuperMarioGlitchy4, Mario, and Luigi what happens and Xboxfan997 returns to the castle. He tells them that X will invade the Mushroom Kingdom with his army.


  • Pidi74
  • Fares353
  • MarioGame2222
  • Pidi64
  • SuperMarioGlitchy3
  • X
  • SuperMarioGlitchy4
  • Mario
  • Luigi
  • Xboxfan997