X's Revenge is the fourth episode of Super Mario: Dark Times.


Starman3 and MarioFan664 are protecting the castle, but then Xboxfan998 and Fares353 punch them. The Infected Creatures then come, and they try to infect Starman3 and MarioFan. Starman3 escapes, but MarioFan664 gets infected. The Creatures then break in and infect Mario, SuperMarioFan590, and VideoGameGuy101. Latiosboy5 then tells the others to run before he gets infected. xFireLuigi600x, The2Hunters, Brynn1100, and KirbyRider1337 escape. WaluigiGame2 tries to escape, but gets infected.

Back in the Hazy Maze Cave, the Infected Creatures order MarioGame2222 to enter the metal pool, but he escapes. MarioGame is near the exit, but falls into the pit. He finds out that CandyCao6 fell there too, and they prepare to battle.


  • Starman3
  • MarioFan664 (Gets Infected)
  • Xboxfan998
  • Fares353
  • Infected Creatures
  • SuperMarioGlitchy3
  • MarioGame3333
  • X
  • Mario (Gets infected)
  • SuperMarioFan590 (Gets infected)
  • Videogameguy101 (Gets infected)
  • Latiosboy5 (Gets infected)
  • xFireLuigi600x
  • The2Hunters
  • Brynn1100
  • KirbyRider1337
  • WaluigiGame2 (Gets infected)
  • MarioGame2222
  • CandyCao6
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