Super Mario Dark Times - Episode 8 Trailer

Super Mario Dark Times - Episode 8 Trailer

SM: DT's Episode 8 Trailer! Coming Soon!

Super Mario Dark Times - Episode 8 Preview 1-0

Super Mario Dark Times - Episode 8 Preview 1-0


The new and final logo of Dark Times!

SM: Dark Times - Episode 8: X's Power Part 1 is the the 8th episode of Super Mario Dark Times. It is also the beginning of the Neo Arc.. As of now, only two previews and an trailer was released by MarioGame2222.


MarioGame2222, The2Hunters,SMG4,and MarioMario753,Were Looking For X,Then LuigiGame2 Is Meeten Then X Kills SuperMarioGlitchy3,Then WaluigiGame2,SuperMarioFan590,Latiosboy5,Mario, MarioFan664 and VideoGameGuy101 Infect XboxFan997.

It is also known that Fares242, TheCatsaBlanca, fight X, but get infected instead. Pidi64 flees to tell the others about X's Power and X lets him go uninfected.

Appearances In Super Mario: Dark TimesEdit

  • MarioGame2222 (Survived)
  • MarioMario753 (Survived)
  • Pidi64 (Survived)
  • Fares242 (Survived)
  • Starman3 (Survived)
  • Mario (Infected)
  • Luigi (Survived)
  • MarioFan14 (Survived)
  • Latiosboy5 (Infected)
  • MarioFan664 (Infected)
  • WaluigiGame2 (Infected)
  • SuperMarioFan590 (Infected)
  • VideoGameGuy101 (Infected)
  • XboxFan997 (Infected)
  • SuperMarioGlitchy4 (Survived)
  • Toad (Survived)
  • xFireLuigi600x (Survived)
  • StarLuigi9080 (Survived)
  • Schm2000 (Survived)
  • The2Hunters (Survived)
  • Brynn1100 (Survived)
  • KirbyRider1337 (Survived)
  • TheCatsaBlanca (Survived)
  • MarioMario54321 (Survived)
  • LuigiGame2 (Survived)
  • CooolBoy78 (Survived)
  • MarioMario761 (Survived)
  • SuperMarioGlitchy3 (Dead)
  • XboxFan998 (Infected)
  • Pidi74 (Dead)
  • Fares353 (Dead)
  • X (Infected)
  • CandyCao6 (Infected)
  • MarioGame3333 (Infected)