The logo of The Story Of Starnux, shwowing a Soul Star.

The Story Of Starnux is one of MarioGame2222's big movies. The movie's first part was upload on 7th of January 2013. It's also his fifth movie.


In the beginning Mario meets an guy called Starnux, who tells him that Mario has to help him. After that, Mario has a meeting with all of his friends. During that meeting, Starnux interupts them and tells them that his planet, Planet Starnux, is under attack by Doopliss. Doopliss sealed him away into the 7 Soul Stars. Mario's mission is to collect them and to free Starnux from his curse so he can defeat Doopliss. Mario & Co. quickly gather all of MarioGame2222's fans together and then they head of to Planet Starnux. When they arrive, they are greeted by Startim and Lighty. They are the only Starnuxian people that aren't sealed away by Doopliss. Startim tells them where the first star is, and Mario and some of his friends go there. SMUS16475 manages it to defeat King Bob-Omb, and to get the first Soul Star from him. After that, MarioGame2222 goes to Thwomp's Fortress and dshaynie was able to defeat the Thwomp King. Later on, Starman3 went to the Dark Mansion to collect the third star, but Mario was faster than the YouTubers that followed him and defeated Mr. I and got the third Soul Star.



The Story Of Starnux - Trailer-0

The Story Of Starnux - Trailer-0

The trailer of the movie, which was uploaded in 2012.


  • Doopliss
  • CandyCao6

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