One Who Gets in Our Way - Xenoblade Music Extended

One Who Gets in Our Way - Xenoblade Music Extended

X's theme!


X talks about the cloning formula used to create MarioGame3333

X is the main villain in Super Mario: Dark Times. The creator of the X Virus, he is extremely powerful, as shown in a preview to Super Mario: Dark Times -  Episode 8, when he shattered SuperMarioGlitchy3 in a matter of seconds.


X is the creator of all the clones in Super Mario: Dark Times. However, he did not create ZtarLuigi8070 and LuigiLuigi583 (StarLuigi9080's clone and LuigiLuigi573's clone).

Clones Created:

  • SarioSario753 (X didn't created him, however X revived SarioSario753)
  • MarioMario278
  • LuigiLuigi681
  • Starman2
  • Cooolboy67

X's PastEdit

Not much is known about his past, however more about his past will be revealed in Super Mario: Dark Times Episode 9. X somehow has a special connection with MarioGame2222.

Rise of YouTubeEdit

X appeared in Rise of YouTube as Death Trapper 1, a group that wants to kill YTR. He faces off alongside Mario facing Starman3, Schm2000, iJosh64, and MarioStar92. He wins against them, knocking Schm to Star Road, Starman3 to the Fourth Dimension, and iJosh and MarioStar to Star World. He is later shown to have knocked both SMUS16475 and DragonBallZKai5 to Star Road, but retreated when facing Captain64000. He later appears in the void fighting Captain64000 and wins, knocking him out and cloning him. He presumes the fake identity of General65000, confusing Runner4707, who is also in the void. He finds Runner and knocks him out and clones him while presuming his true identity as X. He later blows Blooper Land up with the help of the Crystal King, knocking everyone out there except Starman3, MarioGame2222, Fawn and Kiddo, who escaped. He later appears stealing MarioGame's power armor in which he reveals that he joined Death Trappers to train so that he could get the power armor and kill BOTH YTR and Death Trappers. He later appears in the invasion of Mars, facing off against MarioGame. They both are weakened in the fight and MarioGame kills X while Mars blows up. MarioGame is knocked out in the void, but the rest escape. Rise of YouTube takes place between The X Virus and Dark Times.