The X Saga, also known as Eternity Stars Arc, is the first movie in MarioGame2222's Storyline of Videos. The X Saga covers the arrival of 3 infected creatures which attack Mario & MarioGame2222 at the castle, up until the first battle with X. It also contains the battle against the 5 evil clones created by X, the hunt for the 5 shards of the Light Eternity Star and ends with MarioGame2222's final battle against X.

The X Saga features 20 episodes, 5 from The X Virus and 15 from Dark Times. The Saga started airing in 2011 and will probably be finished in 2014.


The X Virus (Episode 1-5)Edit

It starts with 3 infected creatures attacking Mario & MarioGame2222 infront of the castle but they get defeated easily due to his intense training. However, when Mario battles the creatures he gets defeated and Mario got infected with the virus. After that the creature got killed by MarioGame2222 out of rage. AustinDawgyDawg and GageDawg tell him that they can make an antidote for the potion, and so he gives them the DNA of the creature. Then when they finished the potion, they give it to everybody and directly after that they start fighting some infected creatures which appeared. They win but Mario (who got infected) escapes to the lair of the creator of the virus. MarioMario761MarioMario2680, MarioGame2222 and a few YouTubers follow him. Before they can get to the hiding place of the creator, Infected Mario attacks the group. SuperMarioFan590 battles and defeats him. After that, they find the creator of the virus and he reveals himself with the shortcut X . MarioMario761, MarioMario24680 battle X, and they barely won. X escaped by giving them a potion which heals Mario.

Dark TimesEdit

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Side Story (ZtarLuigi8070 and the Shadow Warriors)Edit

ZtarLuigi8070 and the Shadow Warriors is an movie which is made by StarLuigi9080. It is a side story which takes place after Dark Times and it's about StarLuigi's clone, ZtarLuigi. He was made with an early prototype of X's cloning machine which StarLuigi accidently activated. ZtarLuigi challenges StarLuigi but looses so he retreats. He returns after creating himself minions, the Shadow Warriors, which are also (weaker) clones of the heroes. MarioGame's, StarLuigi's, Luigifan54321's, The2Hunter's and MarioMario842's Shadow Version fails at defeating their good counterpart. During all this, LuigiLuigi573 fought LuigiLuigi583 at the top of Bob-omb Battlefield, and after losing, LL583 ran off and promised he'd be back. While MarioGame and StarLuigi have a rematch with their counterparts, the YouTubers get warped to the fortress of ZtarLuigi: The Shadow Castle. LuigiLuigi573 follows them after his fight with his clone and ends up one of the three to go into the castle to explore with MarioMario54321 and Starman3. More progress will be revealed when the movie continues.


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Episode ListEdit

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