Xboxfan997 infront of the castle.

Xboxfan997 is a main character of Super Mario: Dark Times. He didn't appeared in any other movie of MarioGame2222.

Role in Dark TimesEdit

Xboxfan997 is a main character in Dark Times. After X attacked the castle in Episode 4, he escaped with Pidi64Luigi and SuperMarioGlitchy4 and ended up in Cool Cool Mountin. They had to escape again since Pidi74 put a bomb there. It is unknown if he survived that explosion.

Xboxfan997's MachinimasEdit

He is currently making a Machinima called Zombie Invasion. It is about Espian, the leader of an Zombie army, attacking the Mushroom Kingdom. It also has the first appeareance of Xboxfan998, the dark half of Xboxfan997. It plays a few months before Super Mario: Dark Times. It also is connected with The X Virus, as shown in Dark Times Episode 2.